House Updates now on!

House Updates now on!

So, if you don’t know this about me already, I bought a house in Brooklyn with my boyfriend in 2012 and we spent an excruciating year gut-renovating it (granted, it used to be a heroin den and then was abandoned for 6 years, so making it livable for humans again was a bit of a challenge).

I blogged about the madness on until we finally finished. Now I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing monthly post-renovation updates on!

If you’re househunting or doing renovations in NYC, you should definitely get to know them if you haven’t already. They are on top of all the juicy real estate news in Brooklyn and they’re also branching out into Queens.

They have a great community of commenters and a really active forum where you can ask anything, and most likely, someone will take the time to answer.

Check out my first blog post with them, where I talk about how excited we are to be getting solar panels!


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