Now Hiring – Associate Planner (Full Time, Virtual)


Brunch & Budget - Associate Planner

I’m super excited that Brunch & Budget is in a place where I need to hire an Associate Planner full time. Financial planning is a tough and sensitive business and my clients count on me to be there for them as they’re going through some pretty big, and often emotional decisions.

I’m looking for someone who’s game to shake up the financial services world with me, someone who’s unafraid to think big and, at the same time, be willing to roll up their sleeves and do the hard work and in between stuff that it takes to help clients make real progress with their money. I also have a diverse clientele, so you will learn how to understand and be sensitive to the unique financial planning needs of People of Color.

I’m going to be real with you -­ the work I need help with, especially at the beginning, is quite administrative and extremely detail oriented. It’s where I started in my career and I honestly believe it’s the best way to really learn and anticipate what a client needs before even they realize they need it. You will start interacting with clients right away and will progress quickly as you master the early tasks and start to see how everything fits together.

The person who ends up in this role needs to be ready to dig in deep into the nuances of financial planning and still be able to think about the big picture.

Here’s what you will be doing:

  • Handle new client onboarding
  • Handle all non-advice driven client correspondence
  • Analyze and write draft of financial plans
  • Run retirement planning scenarios and what if scenarios
  • Research complex financial situations
  • Build & maintain client portals and blueprints
  • Run Month 1 meeting on how to categorize expenses
  • Handle all financial advocate calls
  • Attend and take notes during meetings
  • Client follow up after meetings
  • Create and document processes and checklists

Time commitment:​ Full time

Preferred (but not necessary): CFP candidate with experience in client service

Tech stack: eMoney, Redtail, PreciseFP, Dropbox, Google Drive, CoachAccountable, ScheduleOnce, Zoom, WordPress, Mailchimp

Tax status: Employee/W2

Salary: $45,000-$55,000, depending on experience + 5-10% bonus based on performance

Location: Virtual

Start date: late April/early May

Please submit a cover letter and/or video on why you want to work for Brunch & Budget and a link to your linkedin profile to