March 5, 2016

Book Your First Brunch!


Excited that you're interested in meeting for a Brunch & Budget and hope we get a chance to b&b! We currently have a waitlist set up as there are no available Brunch & Budget appointments until October 2018.

Please share your information below and we will reach out to you as soon as there are openings.

BUDGE PROGRAM: If you're sure you'd like to work together on an ongoing basis, skip over to Budge and we can get started right away on making some serious financial progress.

JUST ONE THING: If you have just one thing (or two or three!) on your mind, schedule a Just One Thing call and we'll have a 30- to 90-minute video chat.


The first Brunch & Budget® is pay-what-you-can + you provide the meal (and I love it when people cook for me at their homes!). These are one-on-one conversations.


You should have access to affordable, unbiased, high quality financial advice, no matter what your financial situation.

Our first Brunch & Budget® is the beginning of a whole new relationship with your money. You'll walk away with:


What do you actually want your life to look like? We do a deep dive on what your goals and aspirations are so we know exactly what you're working towards and can plan how to get you there. It's not about giving up shopping or never going to restaurants, it's about figuring what you can do today to have the tomorrow you've always wanted.


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It's never just about the money. We spend time figuring out what your money personality is and talk about how it affects every financial decision you make, from buying a coffee every day to saving for something big and exciting. Understanding your relationship with money is one of the best ways to create and keep habits that serve what you truly value.


The nitty gritty. In our first Brunch, We will start to piece together some quick wins you can take action on that day. We won't be able to get to everything, but we'll make sure to talk about your most pressing and top of mind issues. Things like:

credit cards
student loan debt
spending and saving
tax planning
insurance needs
employer benefits
estate & other legal docs

Here’s how it works:

(1) Book first brunch

It’s simple. The first Brunch & Budget is pay-what-you-can + you provide the meal. You choose a day and time and pick a place to meet. Not in the New York area? No problem! We can do a b&b virtually! In a relationship and ready to talk about money? Come together! I insist!

(2) Tell me about you

You'll get a link to your Money Questionnaire, which includes access to a personal and secure login for you to provide some helpful information to make our b&b as productive as possible. If you've never put your financial life down on paper, grab a drink and get ready to dig in!

(3) The main event

When we meet (in person or virtually), we will explore your values around money and answer your burning questions. No need to take notes! You’ll get a detailed follow up email and some clarity on how to move forward with your finances.

(4) Give your money momentum
The first Brunch is just the beginning. Join BUDGE and start making serious progress towards living the life you want to live. I'll be with you every step of the way to advise you, hold you accountable, and make sure you stay on track.

Ready for ongoing, one-on-one financial planning and coaching now? 

If you're sure you'd like to work together on an ongoing basis, skip over to Budge Coach and we can get started right away on making some serious financial progress. Otherwise, let's brunch!