Darren Liddell AFC® | See Change Financial Coach

Darren Liddell Headshot - See Change Financial Coach

My passion for personal finance began while I was growing up. I was always eager to learn more about money and always tried to stretch my dollars as far as possible. I spent summers watching my dad give personal finance seminars while witnessing many in my family and community struggle to never quite have enough to stop worrying about money. Both my parents come from large families and I was made aware at a very young age the importance of being there to support family in times of need. This led me to determine that I wanted to work to impact the lives of People of Color and help them to achieve their long-term financial goals. I want to break the barriers of the racial wealth divide and work to achieve worldwide racial wealth equity.

I received my Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) certification, become and IRS certified VITA tax preparer, and I’m currently a candidate for my CFP®. I’ve served at financial services organizations in Atlanta, Miami, and New York. I’ve held roles including Financial Coach, Managing Financial Coach/Tax Program Manager, Sr. Director of Community Wealth, and Director of Program Innovation. I’m passionate about empowering people of color and using technology to make lasting change in the lives of those I coach.

Outside of work, I grew up in Atlanta and I’m a southern boy at heart (love me some sweet tea, mac and cheese, and collard greens. I also make a mean sweet potato soufflé). I lived in Miami the last six years and moved to Brooklyn at the end of 2017. In my downtime, I enjoy exploring New York City, and I aspire to travel to one new major destination per year. I’m an Eagle Scout, my favorite color is green, I’m always trying out the latest FinTech apps, and I love learning new cultures through food!