See Change Community Groups

💼 I Work for Me – Freelancers, artists, side-hustlers– and not just people who already work for themselves, but also for people who want to plan to work for themselves. Whether you’re a forever side hustler, trying to quit your job to do your own thing, or you’ve been freelancing forever, this is the cohort for you if you’re ready to take care of business.

😎 FirstGenKid – Did you have to fill out the FAFSA on your own, translate your own report cards and field trip forms, learn your parents’ signatures (we won’t tell!) because they weren’t around to sign things? If you’re a first generation immigrant, or college grad, or the first to have a high-paying salary, or the first in your family to be in a position to buy a home (or all the above!) we have your back.

💕 Family Legacy – Has planning for your own family been tricky because you’re taking care of the generation before you? We get what it’s like to be a parent for your kids while also having to be a parent for… your parents. Navigating family life and being sandwiched between generations isn’t easy and we’ll guide you through it all.

🦋 Reimagining IdentityFor those tired of being defined by folks who don’t know us like that. Whether it’s through how you work, how you live, what you value, how you show up in your community, you’re someone who wants to reimagine what success looks like and what it means for you and your family. If you’re trying to make radical change in your work, play, home life and create a personal paradigm shift, this group is for you.


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