Spicy Cinnamon Curry – $1.98 per serving

Can I just say that sweet potatoes make everything better? Seriously. This was definitely a dish I made up based on what was left in my house before the next grocery store trip. I almost didn’t make another curry because I didn’t have any cauliflower to make “rice” with. Then I saw the four sweet Read more about Spicy Cinnamon Curry – $1.98 per serving[…]

Sweet Potato Turkey Hash – $2.52 per serving

I did not do the cooking for this one, my boyfriend did. About a week ago, I asked him if he could cook because I was exhausted by it. Not gonna lie. This will happen to you. Have contingency plans in place. Luckily, my contingency plan is an excellent cook: And despite ground turkey being Read more about Sweet Potato Turkey Hash – $2.52 per serving[…]

Paleo Filipino Crockpot Adobo – $3.51 per serving

Comfort food. That is what I wanted when I googled “Paleo Filipino Adobo.” Something familiar that felt like home. Of course, one of the main ingredients in Filipino Adobo is soy sauce. So I was even more curious to see how anyone pulled it off. Enter coconut aminos. Just like soy sauce without the soy. Read more about Paleo Filipino Crockpot Adobo – $3.51 per serving[…]

Savory Coconut Flakes – $.041 per serving

I’m just going to let the picture speak for itself in this case: I took the recipe from this Paleo recipe blog and actually followed it pretty close to the letter, except I doubled the batch. (Also don’t pour hot coconut oil down a plastic bag. Learned that lesson the hard way.) They turned out seriously Read more about Savory Coconut Flakes – $.041 per serving[…]

Pork Loin & Roasted Veggies – $2.22 per serving

Spent the weekend in the Poconos on a retreat of sorts for the financial literacy for kids business I co-founded, Pockets Change. We wanted to get away for a few days to plan our 2015 goals and fill our calendars with financial literacy workshops for kids. It was my first airbnb experience and we found a great spot Read more about Pork Loin & Roasted Veggies – $2.22 per serving[…]

Stuff in the Fridge Omelette – $1.92 per serving

This has become a daily staple of my morning – poke head in fridge. Eggs? Yes. Now what else do I have to throw in here? Oh, I cut this pepper yesterday for something, in it goes. This onion too, great. Can’t let these turkey slices go bad. This avocado is turning black. Boom. Morning Read more about Stuff in the Fridge Omelette – $1.92 per serving[…]

Better Than Chips – $0.57 per serving

At least that’s what my boyfriend said when I had him try these. So you’re allowed to have potatoes on Whole30. After all, they are a vegetable. Originally, Whole30 took potatoes out of the allowed eating plan because they thought Americans just ate too many potatoes. Really what they meant was that Americans ate too Read more about Better Than Chips – $0.57 per serving[…]