Ten Amazing Songs From 2018

We listen to a lot of great music on the podcast, but we know that you might be distracted by all the talking we do in between. So, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite songs from the year. Listen to them below, in no particular order, and enjoy.   Insecurity T by JaYoung  Insecurity T Read more about Ten Amazing Songs From 2018[…]

empty hospital beds

After the Car Accident

After a few minutes of struggle Izzy hoisted herself to sitting, and eased her bruised feet from under the covers. One was wrapped in a cast like a club. The effort made her ribs ache. Gripping her gown for support, she pushed off the bed and stood. An alarm went off. Determination creased her jaw Read more about After the Car Accident[…]

fronts of parked cars

Sleeping in the Parking Lot

When Roger heard of his church’s program to allow homeless families to park overnight in their lot, he volunteered to watch over the lot on Monday and Thursday nights. He would provide directions to the bathroom and make sure no harm came to those who slept. The church, in the middle of Portland, had only Read more about Sleeping in the Parking Lot[…]

keep it 100

Stop being distracted by an imaginary measuring stick: The 100th Episode Manifesto

We did it. We are about to air our 100th Bondfire Radio episode today at 2pm. We recorded it last night at our Airbnb in CA. It felt like it went by so fast. For the last 100 weeks of our lives, we created something and put it out into the world, never fail. Hopefully Read more about Stop being distracted by an imaginary measuring stick: The 100th Episode Manifesto[…]

"Is it worth it to chase credit card point?"

Chasing Credit Card Rewards: Is it worth it? | Brunch on a Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to do this show for a while now. “What’s the best credit card?” is probably the 2nd most asked question I get after “should I rent or should I buy?” The short answer is – the one that doesn’t have an annual fee, has a reasonable interest rate (under 15%, in case Read more about Chasing Credit Card Rewards: Is it worth it? | Brunch on a Wednesday[…]

chopped potato

Better Than Chips – $0.57 per serving

At least that’s what my boyfriend said when I had him try these. So you’re allowed to have potatoes on Whole30. After all, they are a vegetable. Originally, Whole30 took potatoes out of the allowed eating plan because they thought Americans just ate too many potatoes. Really what they meant was that Americans ate too Read more about Better Than Chips – $0.57 per serving[…]

#brunchandbudget – Homemade (almost) Vegan Chili and GF Cornbread

Delicious homemade Brunch & Budget with one of my favorite couples! Homemade veggie chili with gluten free cornbread. Coconut rice pudding not pictured, but so delicious! We are working on building up a good savings cushion so she can start grad school without having to choose between work and studying. Recipe for the gluten free cornbread is here Read more about #brunchandbudget – Homemade (almost) Vegan Chili and GF Cornbread[…]


Brunch on a Wednesday: Saving money gives you freedom.

Join me for Brunch on a Wednesday: the b&b biweekly and get this stuff straight to your inbox! One of the questions I ask all my clients when we first meet is, “What does success mean to you?” So far, I haven’t had anyone say, “Having loads and loads of money.” More often, I see words Read more about Brunch on a Wednesday: Saving money gives you freedom.[…]