What happens when a financial planner hires a financial planner?

It all started when I read an article by Michael Kitces, an advisor of advisors of sorts. It was titled “Are we being hypocrites about the value of financial planning?” and after I read it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Basically, it said that if I, as a financial planner, truly believe Read more about What happens when a financial planner hires a financial planner?[…]

Her story may be your story: Bondfire member does live credit counseling session

We’ve dubbed her Kim Bravery because she not only agreed to do a credit counseling session with Thomas Nitzsche of Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions, she agreed to do it in real time, on the air, with everyone listening. They went over her real budget numbers, her real credit report (and actual credit score), and her debt consolidation plan all live, on the air.

Kim represented millions of Americans on the show this Sunday. She has a steady job and a family and is struggling to keep up with her bills and managing her debt. This was most likely the first time she’s ever sat down with a professional and went through every line of her budget and reviewed her credit report. You can almost see her wincing or bracing herself during some parts of the show (don’t worry Kim, we would have too!). And she walked away feeling relieved and HOPEFUL.

She posted this afterwards on Facebook:

It was an amazing experience!! Cannot tell you how much I appreciated Bondfire Radio family support, before, during and after!!! Setting my goals in motion!!! There is HOPE!!!!!!! Plus……… after I got thru the nerves………….. IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!


Some Basics on Buying a House

So at the rate that I’ve been talking about this, everyone and their mom and their bubby probably knows that I recently bought a house with my boyfriend (I keep a separate blog for it – sowerebuyingahouse.wordpress.com – if you want to actually read about all my neurotic thoughts and freak outs). That’s actually the house we Read more about Some Basics on Buying a House[…]

Finding Your Buffalo: Asking Yourself the Big Why

Many moons ago, I began my serial blog writing habit (seriously, I have like 5 of them in various states of defunct). The first blog I started was about money (of course) and I wrote about saving. I posted it on LiveJournal (and I’m totally dating myself) and I got this comment from a random dude: Well, this is most definitely a noble Read more about Finding Your Buffalo: Asking Yourself the Big Why[…]

They’re Not Resolutions, They’re Goals

There’s something about the phrase new-years-resolution that just feels like it’s set up for failure. The verb resolute just makes it feel like you’re bracing yourself for something that’s going to suck, but to hell with it, you’re doing it anyway. And then the next day, you’re a little less resolute. And next week, a Read more about They’re Not Resolutions, They’re Goals[…]