January 6, 2017

BUDGE: 12-month Coaching Program

🙌 You’re excited to make a real change and are ready to be held accountable to the commitments you make 🙌

  👀 You’re ready to do some candid self reflection on where you are with your finances, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there 👀

⭐ You want clarity on what progress looks like, how much progress you’re making, and where you need to improve ⭐

👋 You need someone to guide you through where to start, help make sense of everything, and act as your financial advisor, coach, and cheerleader 👏

💪 You’re open to experimenting, learning, and don’t mind putting a little time and elbow grease into tracking your finances 💪

 🙏 You want to finally have a healthy relationship with money (and if you’re a couple, have a healthy relationship with each other about money!) 🙏

Here's how we'll work together:

athletic shoe being tied

Let's put your plan together!

All Budge programs will start with 4 calls done within 4-6 weeks where we will put together your entire Budge Financial Strategy and timeline:

1 | Onboarding Call

The first video call will guide you through how to use the technology to organize your finances and categorize your expenses. You'll learn how to review your expenses closely and begin to understand how your personal cash flow works.

2 | Discovery Call

We'll help you hone in on a personal Core Values statement and learn more about your goals and priorities and you'll begin to get clarity on your income and spending picture as we closely examine your expenses and give you space to reflect on your spending values.

3 | Cash Flow Call

We will build out a monthly budget and 12-month cash flow for your income and expenses (both business and personal if you have any freelance income!). We'll also have recommendations for spending, saving, credit, and debt pay down.

4 | Observations Call

On our last strategy call, we will have observations and recommendations on your investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning and will map out how the rest of our year is going to look. You'll have clear next steps and know what needs to get done as we work together.

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Let's talk about your money!

Here's what we will cover in the Budge Program. We'll get to everything, promise 🙂

⭐️ MONTHLY CASH FLOW - Know exactly how much you're making and spending each month and be able to plan where you want it to go

⭐️ SAVINGS & BANK ACCOUNTS - No more guessing how much you can put away each month and where to put it. Know much to put towards savings and streamline your bank accounts

⭐️ CREDIT ANALYSIS - We will do a full credit score/report analysis so you know exactly how to increase your score over the next 1-2 years and be in a good position to reach big goals

⭐️ DEBT PAYDOWN - Should you do a balance transfer? Consolidate? How do you manage student loans? What are your best options are for paying down debt while still saving?

⭐️ INVESTMENTS - Should you be contributing to your 401k? Traditional or Roth? How much should you start investing each month? What should you invest in?

⭐️ TAX PLANNING - Are you maximizing your current tax situation? What can you deduct as a freelancer? Are you letting the government borrow too much of your money?

⭐️ INSURANCE - We'll go over your health, life, disability, home/renters/auto insurance, oh my! We'll make sure the assets you've built are properly protected.

⭐️ ESTATE PLANNING - We'll talk about what will happen (to your money) when you die. Do you need Will? Health care proxy? Power of Attorney? All of the above? Are your beneficiaries listed correctly?

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Let's make it all happen!

Now that we've put your plan together, it’s time to get to work and let the rubber meet the road, in a way that works for you. Getting to financial clarity doesn't happen overnight, but we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you're making progress on your actions, habits, and goals.

We will meet every month!

This program works because we help you stay accountable to changing habits, shifting your money mindset, starting and continuing to save, paying down debt, and getting your financial sh*t done. We will work closely together and on each call. we will review your year-to-date cash flow, focus on one big action or a few small actions for you to do that month, and track at least one habit you want to practice.

red telephone handset

Let us be your financial advocates

Sometimes, the hardest part about getting your financial stuff done is knowing what to say to that financial institution on the phone or how to answer that weird question on an application. Now you have us on your side.

A huge part of the work we do and how we can serve you is to be your financial advocate by being on the phone with you and making sure we ask all the right questions to your student loan carrier or debt collector or doing a screen share together to finally open that IRA or apply for a new credit card.

We've got your back.

Hello, Tomorrow is Calling

Your finances and your goals are a constant moving target, but by this point, you’ll understand this whole financial planning thing is actually a lifelong process in disguise!

Once we set a foundation for your finances, we'll be able to get you to the next level. Budge will be with you every step of the way for all the new decisions you need to make and new opportunities you're ready to take.

Optional: if, after 6 months, we decide you don't need to meet as frequently, we will begin to meet every other month and reduce your rate by $100 per month ($1,200 annualized).

Here's what's included:


Four Strategy Calls

We will have 4 strategy calls to get your entire plan put together, including an Onboarding Call, Core Values Call, Cash Flow Call, and Observations Call.  These calls will happen about 1-2 weeks apart within the first 2 months.

Monthly Budge Calls

We will meet once per month for 15 minutes to make sure you're making continuous progress and make sure you have a clear monthly game plan for your cash flow, tasks, and habits.

Financial Advocate Calls

It might be calling a collections agency, student loan servicer, your accountant, or some other financial entity and you have no idea what you need to say or ask. We'll jump on the phone with you and have your back.

Your Personal Financial Portal

Finally, everything in one place. Your financial portal will have all of your accounts linked, all your expenses, balance sheet, debt paydown plan, bills calendar, and best of all, the ability for us to see everything you see. You'll have lifetime access to this portal.

Your Action Steps List

After putting that big financial plan together, it can feel like everything is priority. We'll help you not only keep track of everything, but also give you total clarity on what to focus on and prioritize each month.

Unlimited Email Support

Never ask google for financial advice again. Email us whenever you need help on something, whether it's an offer for a credit card, a weird email from work, or if you're wondering how to afford a big purchase. We'll help you figure it out.

BUDGE is NOT for you if:

❌ You’re looking for a “quick start” plan or financial planning advice by the hour
❌ You don’t have the time to commit or room in your schedule to examine your finances more closely and build new habits and routines
❌You’re looking for the next money “hack,” shortcut, hot investment tip, or tax loophole
❌ You want us to do all the work for you
❌ You’re not ready to unpack your financial baggage or talk about your relationship with money
❌ You don’t trust technology and don’t want to put all your information (or feelings!) in a website (even if it’s bank level encrypted)
❌ You never check your email (seriously, a lot of the work happens through email!)
❌ You want to meet in person regularly (everything is done virtually)

Budge is not for everyone. Please be honest with yourself and DO NOT sign up for this program if any of the above applies to you. We know this is a big commitment and want to make sure this program is absolutely right for you!

Here's what it costs:

⭐ The full annual cost of the Budge program, which includes a complete financial plan and ongoing support to implement it, is broken up into monthly payments to make sure it fits into your budget

⭐ The rates are sliding scale based on income and there are rates for individuals (yellow button) and rates for couples & families (turquoise button). If you have kids, use the couples & families rate scale.

⭐ We base these rates on being about 2.5-3% of your total income for us to manage 100% of your financial life.

⭐ The Budge program requires a 12-month commitment

A Note on Income Based Pricing: We are a staunch believers that everyone deserves access to unbiased and high quality financial planning advice and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a financial professional who's on your side. We're committed to your financial success, no matter how much money you're making now. With a sliding scale monthly subscription, you'll have continuous and comprehensive support no matter what life throws at you and we can make sure all the things we got really excited about in the first place actually happen.

12-Month Commitment | Monthly Calls
BUDGE for Individuals
**Your rate will be revisited once per year and adjusted based on your current income unless your income changes dramatically mid-year**
Rate is based on pre-tax annual income
under $80,000 - $299/month ($3,588 annualized)
$81,000-$125,000 - $349/month ($4,188 annualized)
$126,000-$150,000 - $399/month ($4,788 annualized)
$151,000-$175,000 - $449/month ($5,388 annualized)
$176,000-$200,000 - $499/month ($5,988 annualized)
$201,000-$250,000 - $599/month ($7,188 annualized)
$251,000-$300,000 - $699/month ($8,388 annualized)
$301,000-$400,000 - $799/month ($9,588 annualized)
$401,000 or more - $899/month ($10,788 annualized)
**Your rate will be revisited once per year and adjusted based on your current income unless your income changes dramatically mid-year**

12-Month Commitment | Monthly Calls
BUDGE for Couples & Families
**Your rate will be revisited once per year and adjusted based on your current income unless your income changes dramatically mid-year**
Rate is based on pre-tax annual income
under $125,000 - $299/month ($3,588 annualized)
$126,000-$150,000 - $349/month ($4,188 annualized)
$151,000-$200,000 - $399/month ($4,788 annualized)
$201,000-$225,000 - $499/month ($5,988 annualized)
$226,000-$275,000 - $599/month ($7,188 annualized)
$276,000-$325,000 - $699/month ($8,388 annualized)
$326,000-$425,000 - $799/month ($9,588 annualized)
$426,000 or more - $899/month ($10,788 annualized)
**Your rate will be revisited once per year and adjusted based on your current income unless your income changes dramatically mid-year**

Listen, we know what we're asking you to give up.

Paying a monthly subscription for financial planning can feel like a stretch. It might feel like one less date night a week, one less shopping spree, one less new gadget or pair of sneakers, one less weekend trip.

We know every dollar counts and we know your time is precious. We understand what is at stake. What if you do this and nothing changes? What if this doesn't work?

We can't make any guarantees (literally, it's illegal for us to make any guarantees as a Registered Investment Adviser!), but what we can tell you is that we have plenty of 1-1 clients, met with hundreds of people for Brunch & Budgets, workshopped with hundreds more, and we know the work it takes to change your financial situation.

That feeling when you know exactly where your money is going every month, that your investments are in the right place, that you're paying down your debt and growing your savings, that you can quit your job and be okay next month, that the wealth you've created is protected, this is what we will be building together.

If you're willing to put in the time, money, and energy and meet us where you are, we can get you to a place where your financial situation won't feel like a series of things you have to give up, but instead a series of financial decisions that will lead to the life you want to live.