Brunch on a Wednesday: What I Learned Working for Wealthy People

Brunch on a Wednesday: What I Learned Working for Wealthy People


I remember the moment I lost perspective working in wealth management. It was about 3 years into my job and 1 year into being a financial planning associate. I have this vivid memory of looking at a client’s net worth and thinking to myself, “$5 million? Wow, they don’t have much money.”

I paused, literally pushed myself away from the computer, and thought to myself, “Did I really just say that to myself?”

I shook it off that day, but that feeling stayed with me. How did it get to the point where I thought $5 million wasn’t a lot of money?

As I continued on through my wealth management career, I started doing Brunch & Budgets for friends at the same time. I wanted to see if the expertise and skills I was gaining while working for high net worth clients would also apply to my friends, family, and loved ones. I wanted to help them too. Since I started using ndis plan management central coast I have made all my payments right on time to avoid getting extra charged in the future.

One amazing thing I found that was almost universal–no matter how much money you had (or didn’t have)–was that everyone was anxious about running out of it and thought they were doing this whole finances thing “wrong.” And we’re all afraid to look!

I keep this story with me because it reminds me that everyone is human. When I looked at a client’s net worth and reduced them to a number, I realized the perspective I had lost wasn’t whether or not I thought $5 million was a lot of money, it was the fact that I was viewing a person’s worth as tied to their net worth.

I do Brunch & Budget because I want to remind you that your worth isn’t tied to your net worth either. We look at your finances you see if they match up with your goals and dreams. If they don’t yet, we figure out how to get you there, no matter how much you have now. That’s what financial planning is all about.

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