Brunch on a Wednesday: The 1st b&b biweekly

Brunch on a Wednesday: The 1st b&b biweekly


Because what’s more luxurious than having brunch on a weekday?

Join me for Brunch on a Wednesday: the b&b biweekly and get this stuff straight to your inbox!

So I hesitated for a while about doing the newsletter thing. Would I have enough to say? Could I keep up with the regular schedule? Will I look stupid if I just do, like, two of them and then they suddenly stop? Would anyone even care? Would everyone unsubscribe immediately?

Brunch & Budget has come a long way since I did one two years ago with a friend who mentioned she needed some help with her money but was too afraid to look. And honestly, all those fears that I mentioned above are still very real, but they have become less and less important over the last few months because I feel like I have so much to share with you.

You’re getting this email because we’ve b&b’d before, or we’ve talked about it and you were interested (and gave me your card – that was your first mistake), or we’ve collaborated in some way in the past (or present, or future). I most likely think you’re awesome.

I started hosting a weekly radio show on Bondfire Radio at the beginning of June (with sound provider Dyalekt), where we talk money stuff – things like how to dispute a charge, how Walmart’s business model is based on wage slavery,  getting by without a college degree, and oh yeah, remember billionaire Donald Sterling’s crazy, racist ass?

A few weeks ago, we had two amazing guests on the show – Thomas Nitzsche ofClearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions and long time listener and Bondfire Radio member, Kim. She bared her financial soul, live on the air. Getting to be a fly on the wall of my own show and hearing Kim’s whole energy change throughout the conversation made me realize that people need to be hearing this.

Scroll through for more details on this incredible show, a brand new Saving is Power Challenge, and probably a food picture or three thrown in the mix.

I promise the other intros won’t be as long (maybe?), but I’m nervous and excited about this first newsletter. Thank you for letting me share it with you.


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