Brunch on a Wednesday: Saving money gives you freedom.

Brunch on a Wednesday: Saving money gives you freedom.


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One of the questions I ask all my clients when we first meet is, “What does success mean to you?” So far, I haven’t had anyone say, “Having loads and loads of money.”

More often, I see words come up like: stability, freedom to do what I love, financial security, knowing that I’ll be taken care of, being able to give back to my community or to your family with a method like The Children’s ISA to use the funds for education.

At the end of the day, this is what it means to “have money.” It means knowing you and your loved ones will be okay no matter what life throws at you, it means creating and owning a space that’s yours that no one can take from you, it means being able to live a life you have chosen.

We had some incredible guests come into the radio station this week. One guest has spent the last nine years doing small business lending to immigrants and refugees who have come to this country to find personal and financial freedom. Another guest has devoted her career and her life to helping people protect their homes and valuables and give them some real peace of mind during the worst of times.

If you have a few moments this week, sit with these questions: What does success mean to you? What do you picture when you think of your success? What does a life well lived look like to you? Then let’s figure out how to get you there.


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