Brunch on a Wednesday: On Going All In

Brunch on a Wednesday: On Going All In

I got an email today from the program director at Bondfire Radio (shoutout to Tasty Keish!) asking if I wanted to renew my contract for the next three months or the next six months. This time last year, Keisha had just asked me if I would consider doing a radio show.

“How often?” I asked. “Like some monthly thing?” I started turning it over in my head. Would I have time to commit to a monthly thing?

“No, weekly.”

“Oh.” I laughed. “No way.”

But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. “How about we do a test show? See how you like it?”

“Just one?”

“Just one.”

I asked if Dyalekt could be on the air with me.

“Sure!” she said. (Then I actually asked Dyalekt if he would go on the air with me. Luckily, he said yes!)

So we aired a tax special the week before taxes were due. And I had a blast! I was extremely nervous the entire time, hated hearing my voice on playback, and agreed that day to do a weekly show starting in June.

We recorded our first set of shows that first weekend of the summer, and that was the moment I realized that Brunch & Budget was a real thing. Like forreal forreal. Like I’m sorry Ms. Jackson forreal.

I wrote back to Keisha as soon as I got her email and told her that of course I’d be renewing for another six months. Saying yes last summer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Today, I’m excited to show you a new way to think about where your money goes and tell you about a brand new b&b service for all those times you wish someone would just tell you what to do!

Here’s to going all in.

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