Brunch on a Wednesday: On doing what you love

Brunch on a Wednesday: On doing what you love


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So here we are together, at newsletter #2 (catch me freaking out about newsletter #1 here). The 2nd of something is always a funny place to be in. The excitement and adrenaline of doing the first one has worn off and what seems to be left is the knot in the pit of your stomach of, oh-okay-I-guess-I’m-doing-this-now-huh.

In the spirit of taking the second step (and all the ones after that), we had Cerece Murphy on the show a few weeks ago and it turned from an interview about self-publishing a novel to a candid talk with a woman who felt so strongly about the story she had to share about these characters in her books that she gave up the security of her full time job (that she was damn good at) to tell their story. And she gets up every day to tell their story, after the second, third, and 300th step, and keeps pushing forward, past the fear – no, through the fear – through that pit in your stomach you feel at some point every day when you’re choosing to do what you love even though most days it feels like the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

I’m quitting my job in a few months (!!!) and I’m already starting to get that pit-in-my-stomach feeling. But when I step back and take a look at what I’m giving up, I think about the times when I’ve been happiest in the last year – sharing a meal while helping you create a serious spending and savings plan, talking through how to reach your goals and dreams over dessert, the look of total relief on your face when we come up with a strategy to pay down your debt – and I know I’m making the right decision because I realized that Brunch & Budget is not about me. It’s about you.

I know it’s a Wednesday and you probably have a million hundred thousand things to do, but I hope you take a few moments today to really think about the last time you felt that feeling in your gut, the last time you went to that place where you wish you could always be if only you could just figure out how. Then take a look at your long to-do list, stop at the one that gives you that gut feeling (or add it if you’ve been afraid to actually write it down!), and do that one first.


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