Brunch on a Wednesday: On being treated like a person

Brunch on a Wednesday: On being treated like a person


We had Rus Garofalo of Brass Taxes on the b&b Bondfire Radio show a few weeks ago. He’s an accountant who talked about accountant-type things, like what you could write off (and more importantly, not write off!), whether or not you should pay estimated taxes, all that good stuff.

But when I asked him who his typical client was, he said, “I have clients who make $20,000 and clients who make $2 million. They all get the same hour with me.”

We’ve had some amazing guests on the show, from an investment advisor, to an attorney/business coach, to a homeowners/auto/renters insurance agent, and they all had the same thing in common – their main goal was to treat you like a person.

As in, you get the same amount of time with me as the next guy who walks in. As you get the same treatment from me no matter what size of your investment. As in, I will help you through every stage of turning your artistry into a business. As in, you need to make a claim on your renter’s insurance – call me and I’ll make sure everything is okay.

I know it might sound strange to make such a big deal about this, but it is. Even when it’s about the money, it’s not about the money. There are lots of competent advisors out there and a lot of advisors who can make you feel like the tiniest person in the room.

If you’re entering tax season looking for an accountant, and as you continue looking for advisors to be on your team, hold them to this standard, no matter how big or small your bank account or your tax return. You’re trusting them with your money, your livelihood. Make sure you feel like a person and not a number when you walk out of their office. Make sure they’re on your side. We’ll do our best to keep finding them for you too.

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