Brunch on a Wednesday: Almost-Milestones

Brunch on a Wednesday: Almost-Milestones


In a few weeks, Dyalekt and I will be airing our 50th radio show on Bondfire Radio. It’s a pretty big milestone in a lot of ways. 50 is just such a nice big-sounding number in general and it marks almost a full year of shows, which is pretty exciting. Then I think, wow, we’ve come up with almost 50 different things to talk about, how in the world are we going to come up with 50 more?

The cool thing is though, there’s always something to talk about. When I tell people the show is about personal finance, it feels like it doesn’t quite capture that episode we did about Chipotle vs. McDonalds or what happens to your brain on money, or hey, did you know the NFL’s a non profit? Not to mention all the awesome entrepreneurs, freelancers, and non profit guests we’ve had come tell their stories.

Our 50th show is also going to mark the first of a four part series on the prison-industrial complex. We’re currently researching for the show and securing guests, including a friend who was incarcerated for 18 years (at the age of 17!) and a woman in law school who decided to make the subject her area of focus. It’s the first time we’ve ever spent so much energy and airtime on a single subject. When we first decided we wanted to do a show on it, we kept pushing it off. Then we realized, one show didn’t feel like enough. Honestly, four shows doesn’t feel like enough, but it’s a start.

After nearly 50 Sundays, I can’t tell you it’s just a show about personal finance. It’s a show about making finance personal. Even though your money might feel very private, finance and economics can often feel like this vast, convoluted world where it’s hard to figure out what’s actually relevant and what you should really believe. Brunch & Budget on Bondfire Radio is about how the hidden truths in big finance affect your everyday life.

So tune in and let’s get personal.

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