Brunch on a Wednesday: A Year of Experimenting

Brunch on a Wednesday: A Year of Experimenting

year of experimenting

I’m entering month 3 of officially being a freelancer/entrepreneur/business owner. Is it awesome? Honestly? I don’t know yet.

I’ve worked for someone else my entire adult life. I took for granted the fact that there would always be someone there to double check my work, help me prioritize my work tasks, and tell me I did a good job (or a bad job). Getting an annual review felt like a safety net – I knew exactly how I was doing so far and where I was headed to next if I did a, b, and c.

I loved it.

Now I get to make up my own rules and create my own boundaries, which sounds awesome in theory, but when I’m staring at a blank page or a long to do list, sometimes I just feel like going back to bed. And the best/worst part is that I CAN. So what stops me?

I recently participated in the Artist Empowerment Challenge put together by the amazing Jo-Ná Williams (we fell in love with her on our radio show), and the very first day of the challenge was to fill in the blank to this sentence: “2015 is my year of __________.” My first thought was the word “experimenting,” and then I immediately thought it wasn’t good enough, not empowering, not triumphant, not definitive, too ambiguous.

I mentioned this to Jo-Ná and she said, “Girl, that’s juicy!” I laughed and stopped taking myself so seriously.

But the more I thought about it, the more I took it seriously. I spent the last six years working in an industry that has been built on maintaining the status quo, being conservative, NOT shaking things up. This is my year of experimenting because I want to figure out what the financial services industry as a whole has yet to do – help lift people up.

So I’m going to be trying a bunch of crazy stuff this year to find out what really resonates with you, what gives you a sense of real control over your finances, and what makes you realize you’re truly on your way to financial freedom. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

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