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Ten Shows you may have missed

We’ve been podcasting for four years now, which comes out to over 200 episodes. If you’re a new listener, or even one who’s “only” been with us for three years, that’s a lot of shows to catch up on. You may have wondered where to get started, or which shows were especially worth listening to Read more about Ten Shows you may have missed[…]


Ten Amazing Songs From 2018

We listen to a lot of great music on the podcast, but we know that you might be distracted by all the talking we do in between. So, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite songs from the year. Listen to them below, in no particular order, and enjoy.   Insecurity T by JaYoung  Insecurity T Read more about Ten Amazing Songs From 2018[…]

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Top Ten Podcast Episodes of ALL TIME

It’s been another great year for the Brunch & Budget Podcast! This year, we reached across the pond for an interview with Social Commentator Rants N Bants #DDJA. Back at home, we continued our relationship with Prosperity Now, and the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative, airing interviews with their American Financial Capabilities Initiative as our 200th Read more about Top Ten Podcast Episodes of ALL TIME[…]

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After the Car Accident

After a few minutes of struggle Izzy hoisted herself to sitting, and eased her bruised feet from under the covers. One was wrapped in a cast like a club. The effort made her ribs ache. Gripping her gown for support, she pushed off the bed and stood. An alarm went off. Determination creased her jaw Read more about After the Car Accident[…]

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Sleeping in the Parking Lot

When Roger heard of his church’s program to allow homeless families to park overnight in their lot, he volunteered to watch over the lot on Monday and Thursday nights. He would provide directions to the bathroom and make sure no harm came to those who slept. The church, in the middle of Portland, had only Read more about Sleeping in the Parking Lot[…]

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Wilbur Pack Jr.: Following Dreams through Struggle

Wilbur dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, so he went to night classes for women’s apparel at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Everything was going fine until he got to sewing class. He couldn’t sew; he didn’t know how. A few minutes after he began his professor would appear at his elbow, bend her already Read more about Wilbur Pack Jr.: Following Dreams through Struggle[…]

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Prosperity Now NLEN: Helping Willing Hands Work

You take the car out at 8pm every night, because that’s when the prison doors clanged shut. You stare out at the stars ahead of you. The darkened sky with little specks of hope you haven’t seen in ten years. You are the one with the keys, and you turn one in the ignition. You Read more about Prosperity Now NLEN: Helping Willing Hands Work[…]