Allison Irby Vu, AFC® | Managing See Change Coach

Allison Irby Vu | Associate Financial Planner

Hi! I’m Allison. I’m a native Washingtonian that lives happily alongside my sidekick/son in Tulsa. I love to travel, connect with new people and I love everything that has to do with growth, empowerment, social justice and financial wellness.

I have explored various career paths - education, government consulting, workforce / career development, and now finance. It’s important for me to do work that aligns with my own story, which is why this transition to finance makes sense. I am a life-long learner that spent a tremendous amount of money on higher education. For many years after graduating, I felt paralyzed by this massive debt and continued to dig deeper into debt. In the spring of 2016, when I learned I would become a mom, something inside of me shifted and made me determined to find a way out of debt. I spent a lot of time working side jobs, researching, and strategizing ways to pay off debt, and get ready for the next chapter. 

In early 2018, I hit a milestone of paying off over 30k of debt! When I heard co-workers express their stress around money, I started sharing my own personal experiences with them. Shortly after, I was asked to share my personal story and become a financial literacy ambassador at my workplace. Sharing my own story of struggle, perseverance and new habits around money on a public platform, built my confidence and empathy for others around financial wellness and the need for reclaiming financial stability. Once my co-workers heard my story, many of them started confiding in me about their financial needs, challenges, and dreams over lunch. It felt so good to support them on their financial journey. 

When I learned that Brunch & Budget existed, I realized that this was the perfect blend of my background, values, and personal and professional interests. Now, I’m here, on the Brunch & Budget team as an Associate Financial Planner and couldn’t be more thrilled! Every day I’m excited to learn more and share more as we collectively navigate the path to financial equity, peace, wellness and freedom.