January 12, 2017

Need an accountant?

I'm not an accountant and can't do your taxes, but don't worry, I got a guy for you 🙂

Tax planning is an integral part of a good financial plan, and I can advise on many tax situations, like:

∞ which expenses you can deduct as a self employed person in your particular industry

∞ which business structure makes the most sense for you tax-wise, based on your income, industry, and goals

∞ how to properly separate your business and personal expenses

∞ how to track your business expenses so tax time is breeze

∞ how to plan for estimated tax payments

∞ how to use IRA contributions as a strategy to reduce your tax liability

∞ how to determine the tax consequences of selling investments and stock options

man saying "Y'all got anymore of them deductions?"

What I CAN'T do is actually do your tax returns, run payroll, or do bookkeeping for you.

Instead, I work closely with an awesome accountant, based out of CT, but able to work with clients across the country.

The best part about him is that he not only help you with your taxes, but will actually take the time to explain what the heck he did.

No more one word email responses and grunt-y phone calls.

My accountant's name is Matt Close and his info is below:

Email: mclose1040@gmail.com

Phone (call or text (texting an accountant?? I know right??)): 203-470-7866


Note: I don't receive any fees or kickbacks for referring Matt, I just think he's awesome!