April 15, 2018

Yvette Brown | Associate Financial Planner

Entering college I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I just knew I wanted to help people. I decided on a major in psychology because being analytical and a great listener were two of my strengths. I enjoyed the coursework and learned so much about the human mind and our behavior but I decided to take a break to work full-time, travel, and determine if really psychology was for me.

And work I did! Holding roles in customer service and office management I solidified my love for helping people. After the passing of the Affordable Care Act, I became a Member Service Representative at Oscar Health where I helped members navigate the confusing world of health insurance. Here I discovered how much I enjoyed explaining difficult concepts in ways that anyone could understand. Health insurance is such an important part of our lives and everyone should know how to use effectively.

Oscar moved their customer service team out to Phoenix, AZ but I’m an East Coast girl for life so we parted ways and found myself at yet another start-up. This time I was tasked with managing the Customer Service and Operations of a snack subscription box company. Talk about fun! After helping the company go from one employee (me!) to an office of 15 and completing my degree in Business Administration I was ready for a new challenge and my forever career.

In my personal life, I essentially was a Financial Planner before I knew I could make a career out of it. After making not so wise financial choices right out of college I became obsessive about my finances. Making sure every bill is paid on time, all my bank account balances are correct, and that I am taking advantage of every way to maximize my money (hello couponing) were all part of my daily life. I even became sort of a subject matter expert for my friends and family.

I was brought on as a Financial Planner with a Big 4 accounting firm where obtained my Series 65 licenses (hands down the hardest test I’ve ever taken!) and provided financial planning to the employees of the State of Florida.

I finally felt it all come together: those psychology courses from way back, my desire to help people who need it the most, and my obsession with financial wellness. I was fulfilled by my job but knew I could do much more without the corporate red tape.

That’s when Pam and I found each other. I loved everything about Brunch and Budget and I am super excited to be able to provide financial planning to the demographic that has long been ignored in the industry. I’m here to help you navigate the crazy world of finances and the difficult emotions that come along with it, we’re in this together!