September 23, 2015

Brunch & Learn: Speaking & Workshops

I've been doing financial literacy workshops for kids since college (first at Money Camp, then at my other business, Pockets Change). I had so many people asking if I did them for adults that I just started saying yes. Now my husband Dyalekt & I do an adult version of our Hip Hop + Finance workshops.

We've done workshops for:

Salesforce | General Assembly | UC Berkeley's FLEJCON | UC Berkeley's Goldman School for Public Policy | UC Irvine's Career Center | Stanford University | Levo League | Nomadic Press | Business Center for New Americans | WAMNY - Women Advancing Microfinance New York | Designers Assembly | GreenThumb NYC | and literally in my living room!

Email me at with details on the size of the group, the topics you want to cover, and your workshop budget. We'll make it happen!

If you want to get going, but you're not sure where to start, take a look at a few of the workshops we've done for other groups:

Beyond Budgeting: How to put together a financial plan you'll actually use

Financial planning isn't about spreadsheets, graphs, or charts, it's about getting to the root of what you really value and learning how to use money as a tool to help you reach your goals and live your best life.

In this workshop, we talk through the three stages you'll go through when putting together a financial plan:

YOUR GOALS: What is your current relationship with money? What do you really want to accomplish in the next 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? What really matters to you?

5 AREAS OF FINANCIAL PLANNING: Now that you have a clear idea of where you want to be, let's fill in the steps it will take to get there. We will go through strategies to maximize your money in 5 areas of financial planning: Earn, Save, Spend, Invest, Protect. We'll talk about how to develop multiple income streams, maximize your tax situation, analyze your spending without a budget, save automatically, start investing with any amount of money, and decide what type of insurance you really need.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: You're probably wondering where in the world you're supposed to start even tackling this to-do list! We'll talk through exactly how to actually implement all the new items on your financial to-do list.

How to quit your job and go full time freelance

About 1 in 3 Americans is currently freelancing or a small business owner. By 2020, they estimate that number will grow to 40%. THAT'S INSANE! AND AMAZING!

It's becoming easier than ever to start your own business and work for yourself. But the idea of giving up a steady paycheck, retirement benefits, and health insurance can be completely daunting.

The good news is that most successful freelancers and entrepreneurs don't just up and quit one day. They take their time to build a foundation for their business and personal finances before they leave their day jobs, and you can too.


  • Start diversifying your income and exploring your skills with side hustle ideas
  • Categorize your skills and talents and identify potential income streams and customers/clients
  • Calculate how much you need to have saved to take the leap
  • Put together 12-month cash flow projections to create measurable and concrete goals for how to financially transition to freelancing full time
  • Determine the best business entity to set up as your business grows
  • Separate your business and personal expenses and manage your self employment taxes
  • Get the right insurance in place
  • Pitch your business idea to your target market


The Artist's Financial Plan: Master your finances and still rock the house

As an artist, or anyone doing creative work, money can feel like a dirty word. You don't ever want to feel like you're selling out, but you still need to pay the bills and take care of yourself. We hear you.  

Here's the exciting and scary part:  now is the best time time ever to be an artist.  

There are no more gatekeepers.  You can do this on your own.  In this workshop, we'll show you how. You will learn how to: 

  • Monetize your skills! Build multiple income streams using your skills and talents
  • Think like an artist entrepreneur! Set up your art as a business and develop an artist entrepreneur mindset
  • Create income goals you can crush! Learn how to put together 12-month cash flow projections as a tool to measure success
  • Master your cash flow! Manage your inconsistent income and have a clear understanding of how to separate your business and personal expenses
  • Not be afraid of taxes! Understand what you can deduct, when to make estimated tax payments, when you should set up a business entity, and when to use an accountant 

Co-Presented by Dyalekt, an emcee, playwright, actor, hip hop educator, and radio host.

Email me at with details on the size of the group, the topics you want to cover, and your workshop budget.

We also have video of our workshops if you'd like to see us in action.

Let's make it happen! 

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