Top 10 Shows from 2017

It’s been another great year for the Brunch & Budget Podcast! We’ve grown our #DeadDayJobArmy and Prosperity Now (formerly CFED) segments, and reached over 180 shows. As always, we provide necessary social…
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b&b Bonus: Lil Raq’s Summer Series Playlist

  My b&b Top Twenty

Hi there! Many of you haven’t met me yet. I'm known as Raquel to many, Franccesquita to my family, and Lil Raq [if you’ve listened to these two episodes: hi and hi] at Brunch & Budget.  I’ve been behind the scenes on the podcast, working with Pam and Dyalekt since January of this year. I began as an intern then once I graduated from Pratt Institute in May, I decided to stay on the b&b train and continue working with the show. It's just too good and I love being a part of the #TeamBondfire fam. But enough about me. You are reading this because of music.
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