b&b190 What Net Neutrality is and why you should care

Net Neutrality has recently been repealed on the federal level, and several states and organizations are fighting to keep it in place, but what is it?

Sarah Aoun, data activist, operational security trainer, and Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow, and Bex Hong Hurwitz, maker of technology for social justice, and co-founder of Research Action Design which helps build grassroots power digitally, co-founded Tandem. They talk about how the restriction of data limits people, the economic and political incentives behind this repeal, and what the best and worse case scenarios could be in the future.

They can be found at Tandem.work


Music featured in this episode:

Net Neutrality by O’hene Savant
Stay Free by Fury Flamez
Net Neutrality – Hands Off the Internet by stellar art wars