b&b189 Gina Noy explains the new tax plan, and how taxes are different if you’re a freelancer

It’s ‘easy’ to leave taxes for the end of the year (or the beginning of next year) but as a freelancer it may leave you scrambling for funds you already used. Gina Noy, CPA and founder of Noy Taxes, advises that you pay monthly to avoid end of the year nightmares for yourself and your accountant. If your taxes are simple, you don’t need an accountant, but when you start making itemized lists from freelancing work, it’s time to see one who knows your field. Gina Noy has more than 15 years of tax experience, specializing in individual, partnership and corporate taxation. She loves taxes so you don’t have to. Find her at noytax.com


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Black Tax by Larkin vs Larkin
Financial Freedom by Kid Seldom
TURBO TAX RAP by Nasty Millionaire

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