b&b186 AFCPE pt. 2 Keynotes: Racial Wealth Divide

A discussion with four members of the Closing the Racial and Gender Wealth Gap Panel:

Thomas Shapiro is the Director of Institute on Assets and Social Policy and the Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

Melany de la Cruz-Viesca is the Assistant Director of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Managing Editor of AAPI Nexus, a nationwide journal focusing on Asian American & Pacific Islanders policy, practice, and community issues.

Sabrina Terry, MS is the Project Manager, Wealth Building Initiative, ORAL at the National Council of La Raza. She focuses on advancing financial and economic inclusion of Latino immigrants through integrated financial capability and legal services programs.

Schane Coker is a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau coach for the Armed Forces Service Corporation, and a member of the Diversity Task Force which the  AFCPE started last year.