b&b185 AFCPE Keynotes pt.1 Behavioral Finance & Financial Coaching

Three Keynotes from the AFCPE share their expertise:

Kristen Berman, Common Cents Lab, Irrational Labs,┬ástudies behavioral economics and behavioral finance, which is basically how people actually act in the marketplace, as opposed to how they should or would perform if they were completely rational. To a large extent, social cues and our own fears and feeling around money dictate how we spend money–and here’s how.

Lillian Singh is the Director of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative at Prosperity Now, and supports leaders of high-impact non-profits of color and programming with them. She speaks out about the lack of funding they receive, and the dangerous reality her leaders face everyday in order to help others.

Saundra Davis is the executive director and founder of Sage Financial Solutions, a Prosperity Now organization dedicated to helping communities develop comprehensive financial education programs. She is also a leader of the Financial Fitness Coach program through AFCPE. Here, she explains the difference between a financial planner, a financial counselor and a financial coach, and what financial coaching can really do for you.