b&b170 DDJA Castell J Barnes on the business of motivational speaking

Let’s cut through the bullshit. We were skeptical of people who call themselves motivational speakers. A lot of people who become motivational speakers were in another industry that involved presentation or performing and found they weren’t making enough money or gaining enough traction so they switched to “motivational speaking.” So for this month’s Dead Day Job Army, we talked to Castell J Barnes, a man who is in the business of motivational speaking. The interview will surprise you.

DDJA Welcome to the Dead Day Job Army, a monthly Brunch & Budget series where entrepreneurs and freelancers of Color share their stories and talk about the real.
It’s not easy to start your own business and it’s even harder when it feels like you have to explain to your family what you do every time you see them, when you walk into an event and can count on one hand the PoC in the room, when you try to ask for what you’re worth, but don’t want to get passed over for the next person.
We ask folks to leave their shiny pictures and Instagram highlights at the door and tell us what it’s really like to do the work, put in the time, and devote your life to your work.

Music featured in this episode:

Motivation by Leks 
Motivation by Bee & OB
Motivated by Tone Kang

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