b&b153 The Cost of Convenience

We see convenience not only as a nicety but an expectation, an entitlement.
Has paying for convenience been taken too far? (Amazon, food delivery, Uber/Lyft, dry cleaning, resume writing, etc.,) Our love of convenience is so ingrained, its inherent goodness so self-evident that we can’t imagine any other way. Why would anyone, other than a masochist, choose the hard way when there is an easier alternative?
In this episode Pam and Dyalekt get into the nitty gritty of convenience, and how, sometimes, in life, we do need a little inconvenience to stay grounded.
Music featured in this episode:
Convenience by Lee Reed
An Inconvenient Truce by GeoDon
Give Me Convenience by mcenroe

Extra Info:
Cost from Privacy Standpoint
Cost of Saying Yes to Convenience

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