b&b 147 Former IRS Auditor, Arielle Bryant, answers all the questions you have about taxes

Audits. You’re scared of them. We’re scared of them. But what exactly is an audit? How do we prepare for something many people avoid discussing?

This week’s guest, Arielle Bryant worked for the IRS as an auditor for five years until transitioning into nonprofit, first at Start Small Think Big. Currently, she is based in Austin, Texas, where she founded Zenny Penny, where they focus on money management for various business.

This episode is for anyone who has zillion questions about audits, or maybe just want to learn a little more. Plus an extra segment for all you “new adults” out there. Lil Raq, our podcast intern, asks Arielle for advice on how young adults can prepare and what we all really should know about taxes. Take a listen!

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