August 1, 2016

Charesse Hagan | Associate Planner

charesse headshotHi, I’m Charesse Hagan. I’m a freelance associate planner at Brunch & Budget.

I assist Pam with helping clients have a better understanding of their finances and show them opportunities for how to do more with what they have so they can live it up.

Working at Brunch & Budget has been rewarding because we’re able to help people from all walks of life. When I was in traditional wealth management, you had to have a certain amount of assets to become a client and if you didn’t have it, they didn’t service you.

With Brunch & Budget, I’ve been able to work with all types of people, whether it’s someone who’s rebuilding their credit score, starting their own business, switching careers, or starting a family, and it doesn’t matter how much they make every year or what they have in the bank. We don’t turn anyone away.

Working here has personally impacted me because I’ve realized people do not have to be rich in order to live a great life.

I’ve become more aware of my own spending, lifestyle, and financial goals and applied the background and education I have in financial planning to my own life.

Being a part of the financial planning industry affects not only me, but also my close friends and family. Life has ups and downs, situations happen, and I want to help people be prepared for them.

A close relative of mine asked for advice on how to save and I suggested she start an emergency fund. A few months later, she lost her job, but because she had started saving, she was able to take her time and look for a job that she really wanted. Since then, she has found a new job and is starting to rebuild her emergency fund.

Being able to help in these kinds of situations is why I aspire to become a CFP® professional and show people how to successfully get through things that life brings them. Life happens.

I’m a candidate for CFP® certification and recently served as a Financial Planning Associate for a private wealth management firm. Over the past few years, I have worked in multiple roles within the financial planning industry and currently freelance full time as an associate planner.